Nu har jag roligheter att berätta, äntligen har både Youngblood-stället & Smashbox-stället landat i Sverige. Smashbox dyker upp i Grand-butiken innan helgen för er som vill handla med 20% rabatt innan jippot är över. Och jag hoppas verkligen att det kommer finnas tid att få upp Youngblood innan dess också.

Och till Helena (, jag ska ta reda på om Rapture finns med så snabbt jag kan & meddelar dig ;)

Lite info på engelska om Youngblood hämtat från deras hemsida:

"YB Story

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics manufactures and supplies the highest quality cosmetics to doctors, aestheticians, spas, med-spas, and salons throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, and has ongoing growth in all international markets.


Pauline Youngblood Soli started her career as a licensed Medical Aesthetician specializing in paramedical treatments, working with prominent dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area. Here, she was in daily contact with people with severly traumatized skin, from harsh laser treatments, acne, rosacea, and cosmetic surgeries. Such patients often take up to six months before the skin returns to normal, and Pauline was simply not satisfied with the cosmetic options available.

She began working with chemists to develop a suitable option - a cosmetic that would cover raw, inflamed, or discolored skin, but allow it to breathe and heal. This led to her initial work with natural mineral cosmetics.

"The concept of mineral makeup was great, but the quality was missing," says Soli. "The colors weren't realistic; they were too pink or orange, and they looked artificial."

She developed her first loose mineral foundation, which provided excellent coverage and a natural appearance, while still allowing skin to breathe. Soli's patients experienced such dramatic success with her new formula that they continued using it long after their skin had healed. Before long, patients and friends convinced her to make this natural mineral foundation commercially available, and Pauline founded Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics in 1996.

Youngblood Today

A decade later, Pauline's Natural Mineral Foundation is Youngblood's flagship product, and Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is now a complete line of cosmetic products, in a comprehensive palette of shades, with realistic skin tones and beautiful, natural finishes. Youngblood continues to create top quality products that are innovative in both formulation and packaging.

The Finest Mineral Cosmetics

As the cosmetics industry continues to explore the benefits of minerals, Youngblood remains the premier choice for healthy, luxe quality mineral cosmetics. All Youngblood products are free of talc and other fillers that can clog or irritate skin. Our formulation is the very finest available, and our quality is instantly noticed the very first time our products are applied. Youngblood's dedication to quality has earned the company an extremely loyal following.

Quality Attracts Quality

Fans of Youngblood include a number of A-list celebrities, both male and female. Youngblood has been recommended recently on the Style Network's "What Not To Wear," the TV Guide Channel's "The Fashion Team," and in major publications such as Allure, Elle, and OK! Youngblood's Mineral Rice Setting Powder was awarded "Beauty Product of the Year" at the 2007 Danish Beauty awards."

Postat av: badis

aah, nu lärde jag mig nåt nytt! Kul! Vi har Youngblood vid Eve-disken nära mig, jag har ibland snokat litet men aldrig köpt nåt. Blev litet sugen nu:)

2008-10-28 @ 07:54:11
Postat av: inthemake

Badis Jag är lite nyfiken på deras foundation, med tanke på att de säger att den ska vara helt utan skimmer, har letat efter en sån ;)

2008-10-29 @ 08:23:46
Postat av: RM

Blev lite sugen. :)

2008-10-29 @ 17:45:34
Postat av: inthemake

RM Jag med ;)

2008-10-30 @ 07:51:17

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